Whole30- not just about food

Happy FRIDAY! 

I'm quite excited because I can't believe I have already made it halfway through the 30 days. Doing WHOLE30 for the second time is much less difficult in my opinion. I take it with a 'one day at a time' and 'one meal at a time' perspective instead of being overwhelmed by THIRTY days. I have been way more relaxed this round just because I'm familiar with it. 

That being said... Whole30 sparks in me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to change things up. To try to new things- hey! if I can change my eating habits.. maybe I can change other habits or things etc! So who knows what else will come out of this month!

Here are some random thoughts in a some-what correlated order with the pictures below:

1) I had a close call I was making chicken broth and then quinoa for Thomas and licked some quinoa off my finger and then was like AHHH!!!! and spit it out in the trashcan because I almost forgot I can't eat that. Good times.

2) I LOVE EGGS, SWEET POTATOES AND KALE. Repeat this forever.

3) Making a coffee drink: frozen coffee cubes + water and or coconut milk + 1/2 banana =blend

4) I have worked out a total of 8 times in the 15 days and 3 of those have been before work sweat sessions! I have conquered my fear of showering & getting ready at the gym! #growth

5) My office gave me fruit at our "work birthday celebrations party" instead of a cupcake.. I felt so loved and understood!!! It's the little things... 

6) Lastly- I have this note up on my desk (see last picture) to remind me less is more. I'm really in the zone to PURGE our house of stuff we no longer - wear or use or.. like. Also I am so OVER "disposable clothing" and trends. I want to own clothes that fit me well, are high quality and that I like. Cheers to not impulsively buying clothes or things just because they are 'cool' right now when they actually don't flatter my figure... This also doesn't just apply to clothes. I DON'T actually need new throw pillows for every season.. can I get an amen?? Check this out for inspo!

happy weekend! I will be cleaning and organizing :-)

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