Art Studio Progress! (phase 1)

I did a post on my future art studio back in February 2014.. see it here. This place has come a long way! .. but has so much further to go! Check out what we have done so far! 

This is the last place we left off ^ my AWESOME Father -in-law insulating the ceiling and finishing it off! He did such and an awesome job and I am super grateful! We want to get this project finished so I can start doing ART out there since the weather is nice... I seriously can't wait to turn this into ART/creativity/girl cave central! Jamming..painting... you know. 

So here's what we have done: 

  • Clean it out/put stuff in our garage/organized/sold/got rid of stuff'
  • KILLED 57 spiders and their nests, as well as ANTS ALL THE ANTS
  • Seal off the inside with caulking/weather proofing paint/filled in ALL THE HOLES
  • clean it well (the floor needs even more attention)
  • kilZ it ALL WHITE x 2 (why not?? more kilz the better...)
  • Added trim where ceiling meets the wall to look cleaner/streamlined

What is up next:

  • paint wood trim white
  • Final coat of white paint all over.
  • Scrape & treat concrete floor & PAINT concrete floor (GOODBYE DEATH RED)
  • paint chalkboard black/white trim
  • A few new ceiling light fixtures to give me better light on paintings
  • shelving for supplies/organization for canvases
  • maybe new doors...or weather stripping to prevent debris/runoff from getting in
  • "decor" which wont be much - I'm keeping it quite minimal for optimum creating space- organization/ table/chairs/easel will be fun enough to figure out!

We soon realized... why are we using drop cloths? This floor is NASTY.. so who cares. ... then it started to get...BRIGHTER!!!! Oh hey there "homeschool" chalkboard as my friend called it!

contrasting before and progress photos!

contrasting before and progress photos!

studio progress

That's my awesome handy Father in Law who has done SO much to help us! Well, its much better and brighter already! - and this was just with the 2.5 coats of KiLZ (.5 was for the wood paneling & anywhere else that needed a little extra!) Cant wait to finish this place up to paint/do art in all summer before baby Lane arrives! Any suggestions on lighting or general ideas?