Years and years (okay.. like 3 years) have gone by with my dearest friends + family begging me to JUST PAINT.

I have no good excuse as to WHY I haven't really  painted, I truly, have not made time for it (done a few things here and there but not a big painting like I used to!). But the excuses seem to pile up- there are so many other needs to attend to-  A husband, house, friends, ministry, church, working out, cooking healthy food, job transitioning, .. blah blah... sometimes I am just too plain exhausted to get out the supplies and have at it and I haven't had the space to do it.... you see where this goes and I'm sure you have something you put off too.

Not this year.

This is the year of JUST PAINTING! Maybe not 'just painting' but painting even when I try to push it out of my scheudle. I love to paint. Painting is where I work things out and I feel like I'm being who I really am!

Small step #1 of getting back into the groove was signing up for a local painting class with a well-known local artist. (This was actualy a Christmas gift from my wonderful in-laws. I am so thankful for this time to do my thang and learn from a teacher who has painted for more than 50 years!)

photo (11).JPG

This is the painting I started last night. It is from a photo of a very misty day in Corolla, NC. Excited to watch it develop and change. I'm thankful to be able to paint and look forward to growing as an artist this year!