weekend inpirations :


1. Turkey Kale Lentil Soup: Awesome soup that is more like a chilli! I used an awesome recipe found here. Only thing I didn't have was carrots- but that didn't really make a difference! We will be eating this all week..YUM.

2. Vanilla Paleo Protein Pancakes: I have always wanted to try protein pancakes! I hate pancakes because they are just like eating bread with sugar on it for breakfast but I loved the idea of nutritional pancakes! Here are the ingredients I used and they ended up being delicious & fluffy. We made some with rasberries, blackberries, blueberries and some with Dairy free/gluten free dark chocolate chips but I only remembered to snap a picture right before they were totally devoured! I put a little bit of ghee on mine instead of any type of syrup. Recipe here.

3. Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies: FAVORITE g-free cookie to make. I normally DOUBLE this recipe because it only makes 12 at a time but I only made 12 Friday night & by yesterday they were gone before I could get a picture! Perfect with morning coffee and to satisfy a sweet tooth in a semi-healthy way!

4. Vanilla Protein Poweder Steel Cut Oats: I sort of made up my own recipe after making the oatmeal with whatever add-ins I wanted. I've never had issues with eating g-free oatmeal or steel cut oats and I always seem to not get hungy for like 5 hours after I eat this fiber filled deliciousness! I added chia seeds, cocoa nibs, nanner, almond milk + a sprinkle of salt (pepper first accidently... oops- but I couldnt taste it-whew.) Similar recipes here. As you can see I loved trying out new ways to use my g-free, dairy free protein powder! 


Above is a painting of the word "GRACE" I did to go over our couch. This image/type has been in my head for weeks and I'm glad I got to paint it, frame it and hang it. I wanted something more nautical but I'm glad I went with this pop of color and will be putting other natuical touches in that room like this. It's such a great reminder of God's grace for us, to have grace with ourselves and each other! I love it. 

The painting is from a picture I took of Duxbury beach in MA from when I visitied Thomas while he was in seminary at Gordon Conwell South Hamilton in MA. It felt good to work on it and I have a lot more to do but I love painting skies + water as  you can see. 

I really enjoyed my 3 day weekend + I hope everyone has a great week + maybe we will get some SNOW!