Hooray! I have a website again!

Feels good to once again occupy the internet with my own space. Now I have a place to share art, design, recipes + life with anyone who wishes to read :)


Why lanelove.com? There's no amazing explanantion- just kind of an idea that happened when I got married to Mr.Lane.  So- my  last name is Lane & my husband randomly calls me his lane love, sometimes laney-love. Awwhhh. I also like the way it sounds & soon I hope to start selling some paintings & art in my etsy store called 'lane love studio'. 

For now I will have design work on here and of course am open for freelance jobs which I have enjoyed doing. I also work as a full time graphic designer & photographer for Yorktown, VA Tourism Department- so occasionally you will see bits & peices of that on my social media/probably here!

For example... this tid bit: Had a great time at the Yorktown Christmas Market on Main Street eating a roasted Chestnut! Didn't taste like I expected... but I literally cannot describe how they tasted. Interesting. They open up and the flesh is a yellowish color, then you peel & eat! You can find out how to roast chestnuts at home here. These particular ones came from California. :) 


Glad to be back!  xoxo - Helen