Christmas Wreaths with Momma!

My Mom got to visit recently and we always try to do something fun when she comes whether thats watch a show or make something. Most of the time we make things. I love making things! My mom grew up on a farm, loves to decorate & instilled in me a DEEP love for Virginia. So of course she brought me Magnolia leaves to make wreaths with. How Southern, traditional & colonial. 

I love things that are simple so heres the gist of my simple Christmas wreaths:

Supplies: Fake fruit, fake wreaths, real magnolia leaves off a tree (find a neighbor who won't mind letting you take some?!), a hot glue gun & wire for hanging. 

photo 1.JPG

We experimented on a 'prototype wreath' with how we wanted to lay out the fruit & leaves after looking at some 'pinspiration' of course. After we made one we really liked for the windows- we just copied that wreath and made 4 of them in about an hour!

photo 2.JPG

For the front door we did a bigger wreath with more varieties of fruit! I loved doing the fruit this year instead of bows- I love the natural look! Here's a picture of the house with them hung up- not that great of a picture but you can see whats going on. We have a huge wreath for the big window in the middle on the second floor but because those 2 windows swing OUT seperately we've had some trouble hanging it (ideas anyone? or just do 2 small wreaths?) ... the others are just hung with wire over the tops of the windows :) Anyone else feel like they had to do a little decorating at a time this year?? #behind #toobusy Glad these wreaths are finally out of our kitchen & on the windows!

photo 3.JPG