OBX retreat + 2014

Any chance Thomas and I can get we go away to Corolla, NC to the beach house he has grown up going to- It's called 'The Whaler' and we love getting away there. We actually honeymooned there and have gone several times in 2013.

We love to disconnect from everything, pray, read, explore and walk on the beach. 2013 was a crazy year for us and we knew this was a much needed 4 days to reflect, re-charge + look towards the new year! 

Corolla, NC | aka beautifullness

2013 started with URBANA (an InterVarsity Missions Conference) last year in St. Lois, MO and never slowed down!!

  • Thomas continued working on his MDIV at Regent University &
  • working as the Campus Pastor for Waters Edge Church Newport News
  • We joined a community group at WEC
  • I stopped working for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship &
  • starting working for Historic Yorktown as a Graphic Designer + photographer
  • moved out of our apartment & in with The Lanes for 3 weeks
  • we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary!
  • we found a home & moved in June 2nd
  • Waters Edge Church Newport News Campus celebrated 1 year Nov. 4th!
  • we have hosted college group in our home on Sunday nights
  • we celebrated our first holidays in our new home :)

Now we are excited for 2014 and know EXACTLY what we want it to be like. We aren't much for new years resolutions because we feel like you should always be setting goals + challenging yourself but we do know this: 

We want to be more 'centered in Christ' in 2014. We want to start our days in scripture & prayer instead of rushing, cramming, procrastinating + ending up eating breakfast in our cars (cheers to cleaner cars in 2014 too). We want to make more time for prayer & intentional time with God individually + together. I want to look back at 2014 and be amazed at how God used what I learned in scripture & prayer to influence my life and many others lives. (I'm thinking this is a good goal for every year...)

Our shadows + the Atlantic

Lastly, I like the idea of picking one or two words to focus on for the year to guide its direction.

This year I picked "inspire + deepen."

"In-spire" - literally means to "breath in." I want to be inspired (breath-in God) + let this flow into my creativity over & over. I want my relationship with God to deepen + mature in ways I know he has been prompting it to. I want to also inspire others and develop my creativity + challenge myself more. I'm excited to see how these words play out in 2014! Now here are a ton of photos from our mini-retreat-beach-vacay!