Living Room at #homesweetlane

I can't believe we have been in our home for almost 7 months. Crazy! Most days I walk around our house thinking about all the things we need to "still do" rather than appreciating how far we've come. However, since being at home a lot for the holidays Thomas and I have been reminiscing about how much progress we've really made! So here are some before and after pictures from our first weeks in the house to this week!

Living room then: 

Awesome to see how far this room has come since.. no rug or real coffee table (that's a bench on the far left), our old couch... etc. Then we got a rug (Target online) and our old TV was over in the corner. Then we found our gray-ish brown coffee table from Wayfair that would HOPEFULLY fit in the middle of our sectional that was 'on the way' from Macy's... to make a long story short we ordered the couch June 24th and it came October 4th. It was a lonnng wait but through all that Macy's gave us a massive amount of discounts & $300 in Macy's gift cards because they felt bad. Also you should know the long wait had nothing to do with Macy's + everything to do with the designer of the couch. Macy's is awesome!  

Living room yesterday: 

There's the sage couch, new curtains/curtain rods, new lamp, Christmas pillows from IKEA, our Christmas Card display etc. We got the tan rug (Target again!) after the couch came because the aqua blue was too close to the sage color (oops-but now that rug resides in our bedroom & we love it!) If you look close it has a chevron texture. The 3rd picture to the right is looking down from the stairs at my family hanging out- we hosted Christmas & loved it! You can also now see we got a new TV for Christmas and put it over the fire place. 

photo (4).JPG

After all the Christmas cheer goes away I plan on putting the "finishing touches" to the room aka decor. I have decided on the color scheme: sage, navy blue, white, coral + deep teal pops of color. I love the ocean/beach so my whole house is ocean/whites/tans/beach inspired & this room will be the crux of it. This is my inspiration board for the future of this room:


I'm excited to see it progress! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and will have a great 2014 :) We're off to Corolla, NC tomorrow for resting, reflecting + looking forward to what God has in store for 2014!