Welcome to the .... studio?

So in the back yard we have this little building:

The seller of our house referred to it as a 'workshop' since they used it to work on the house when they were upgrading things. However, on the breaker that controls its power supply is written 'Playhouse.' This is probably due to the fact there is a classroom sized chalk board in there (cool!) & kids must have played in there of various owners. We have lovingly referred to is as 'the shed' but I have been correcting people to say 'the STUDIO!'

I have a VISION for this small concrete building with 7 old windows & electricity. I want this to be a place I can go to and shut out everthing else and paint and talk to God. Last year it was tough finding INSPIRATION, time & space to paint. Not that my creativity was non-existent but that I hadn't felt inspired to make time to paint, draw, play and be free! I had felt the responsibilities as a wife & new home-owner, leaving a job and starting the new job I have now as a Graphic Designer for York County. A bit of transition I'd say!! And if you are anything like me... transition drains you.  Thankfully the last six months I been looking forward + getting excited for the future of this space and all the paintings I want to create in it and recapturing my artistic freedom!

Full of JANK. GOOD NEWS is we have a seperate detached garage most of this stuff will go in after being organized..

Cool old light that I might have to replace once we explore lighting options- we shall see!

My AWESOME Father in Law put up all of the insulation, boards & trim (trim not pictured yet- Also see green chalkboard?! COOL! I want to paint it BLACK and the wood trim white. I want to paint the entire studio WHITE. 

That red trim around the windows and wood paneling... has got to be painted over! 

So here's what I'd like to do when time & money & weather permit.....

  • Clean it out/organize stuff/get rid of stuff
  • Seal off the inside with caulking/weather proofing paint
  • clean it well
  • paint it ALL WHITE
  • paint chalkboard black/white trim ... contemplate moving the location...
  • A few new ceiling light fixtures to give me better light on paintings
  • new doors would be great because these are not that great but I'll take what I can get when we have the money and the time!
  • shelving for supplies

Below is me inside our house in my 'winter studio' AKA our little library that has served me very well with much natural light in the day time and only recently I have been painting at night which I have enjoyed- especially waking up the next morning and looking at how the colors look different on the canvas than they did at night! haha!  

paint paint paint